This Week’s Must Reads

Happy new year! There have been oodles of good books already for 2013…

Avengers Arena #3

One of my favorite Marvel NOW! books. I don’t really know any of the characters, but the art is gorgeous and the story very dark and entertaining. Very worth picking up!

Ghost #3

A fantastic mystery, keeps me looking forward to the next issue. Plus, two words: Phil Noto.

Legend of Luther Strode #2

Gratuitous violence done right!

Punisher War Zone #3

Frank Castle vs a different Avenger each issue. Every one has been top notch so far.

Superior Spider-Man #1

Dan Slott, you have earned my trust with a stellar run on Amazing, so I’m just gonna go wherever you take us with this.

Sweet Tooth #40

A satisfying end to one of my very favorite series. I will miss you, Gussy.

Thor: God Of Thunder #4

For my money, the best of all the Marvel NOW! titles. Sooo beautiful, so creepy.

Runners-Up: Star Wars #1, Adventure Time #11, Wolverine and the X-Men #23


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