This Week’s Must Reads

Hawkeye #5

This book, guys! THIS BOOK. Haven’t been so excited about a superhero series since the beginning of this Daredevil run (which is still amazing, btw.)

Amazing Spider-Man #698

Dan Slott is a mad genius (much like Doctor Octopus. Or shall I say… never mind, no spoilers!)

Avengers #1

What a very grand, ambitious, Hickman-y first issue. Very intrigued to see where this will go.

Stumptown v2 #4

Best issue of this miniseries so far! Car chases, witty repartee… never leave me, Greg Rucka.

Hellboy In Hell #1

The moment we have been waiting for for years! Did not disappoint.

Runners-up: Before Watchmen: Minutemen #5, Fury Max #7, Fashion Beats #4, Deadpool #3, All New X-Men #3, Punisher War Zone #2, Legend of Luther Strode #1

<3 SHQjulie

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