Where Have All the Heroes Gone? Works by MIKE BERTINO


Secret Headquarters Presents:

Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

Opening reception:
Friday August 15th
from 8pm – 10pm

We suggest coming by for a drink or two with the artist.
He’ll be the guy on the bike taking laps around the block.

While he’s out riding the streets like Kevin Bacon from Quicksilver
I would recommend spending some time with his paintings.
We’ll have some and they will be on our walls.
And these paintings will be good. Real good.
Or else Mr. Bertino is going to be in big trouble.
He’s going to need to be on that bike to escape our wrath.
Mike Bertino also makes comics and we’ll have them on hand.

Secret Headquarters will have Mike Bertino’s art work on display

from August 15th – September 15th, 2008.


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Jessica Abel and Matt Madden!


Secret Headquarters
is proud to present an evening with:


-Drawing Words & Writing Pictures Book Tour-

Thursday June 19th, 2008

“A gold mine of essential information for every aspiring comics artist. Highly recommended.” -Scott McCloud, Understanding Comics and Making Comics

Drawing Words and Writing Pictures is a course on comics creation – for college classes or for independent study – that centers on storytelling and concludes with making a finished comic. With chapters on lettering, story structure, and panel layout, the fifteen lessons offered – each complete with homework, extra credit activities, and supplementary reading suggestions – provide a solid introduction for people interested in making their own comics.

Drawing Words and Writing Pictures was created by comics superstars Jessica Abel and Matt Madden and based on their classes at the School of Visual Arts. Series editors of the Best American Comics series and creators of a number of groundbreaking works, including99 Ways to Tell a Story (Matt Madden) and La Perdida as well as the brand new book Life Sucks (Jessica Abel), Abel and Madden are at the forefront of the comics industry.


Jessica ABEL and Matt MADDEN

for a drink at Secret Headquarters
This Thursday, June 19th at 8pm


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Secret Headquarters
is proud to present:

-Works on Paper –

Opening reception: Friday May 30th, 2008
From 8pm – 10pm

Painter, illustrator and author Mark Todd took his first creative cues from comic books and Star Wars: worlds of inventive fantasy that still inform his art. His latest work involves intense scrutiny and alteration of classic comic covers from “Fantastic Four,” “X-Men,” “Iron Man,” “Spiderman” and other series, including the work of legendary illustrators like Jack Kirby.

“I love the type, the heavy shadows, the colors and the way they seemed to use every inch of the page,” says Todd. “I sit and study them, and my brush reconstructs them.”

Todd is referencing the past, waxing nostalgic about it and simultaneously lending his own post-modern sensibility to it, employing a limited palette, repetition, distortion and mixed media materials including spray paint, cel-vinyl, glossy varnishes and dusty stains. The pieces are rounded at the edges, appearing as prized objects; tablets encoded with civilization’s most iconic collective wisdom.

His work has appeared in scores of publications including Rolling Stone, Los Angeles Times, Entertainment Weekly, Spin, New York Times, and for Country Music Television. Todd graduated with honors in 1993 from Pasadena’s Art Center College of Design, where he has also taught since 2003. He has also written several books, including “Whatcha Mean, What’s A Zine? ” co-authored with his wife and fellow artist, Esther Pearl Watson.

Join Mark Todd for a drink at Secret Headquarters
from 8pm – 10 pm Friday May 30th.

Secret Headquarters will feature Todd’s one-of-a kind original
works of art through July 2nd, 2008


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CUTE HUNTER: New Paintings by SCOTT C.

Nerdcore and Secret Headquarters Presents:
New Paintings by:

Opening Reception:
This Saturday, May 3rdJoin Scott for a drink from 8 – 11pm

Scott C. is Scott Campbell, art director for Psychonauts and Brütal Legend at Double Fine Productions. Scott has done numerous comics that have appeared in such anthologies asHickee, Flight, Beasts!, and Project: Superior. His story, Igloo Head and Tree Head, was awarded the silver medal from the Society of Illustrators. He draws/writes a daily comic strip called Double Fine Action Comics at doublefine.com.

Scott C. has painted many clever little paintings that have shown in such places as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Montreal, and Japan. Scott thinks you should go to theinternet and look at more of his stuff. You will get super happy.
These are some places that you can go:scott-c.blogspot.com and pyramidcar.com

Secret Headquarters will feature Scott Campbell’s one-of-a kind original works of art through May 29th, 2008.


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Mats!?:Traveler of Time and SPACE


Secret Headquarters is proud to present

Mats!?:Traveler of Time and SPACE
Ephemeral Visions brought back from various states of Psycho-Geographical Turmoil

Opening reception: Friday April 18th, 2008
MATS!? was born in France to itinerant Swedish parents. He commits his first artistic act in kindergarten in the form of a scatological graffiti on the blackboard. Rewarded as he was with corporal punishment, the artistic path was thus laid.
Mats!? past sporadic outputs of comic work, interspersed with commercial illustration work has given way to bouts of throwing paint on canvas as well as printing on glass. Through various mediums,the unifying factor in his work is his use of a visual vocabulary rooted in comics as means of expression.
Mats!? might be best known for his critically acclaimed book Asiaddict, an amazing cartoon travel log of his bizarre trip through Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. Mats!? has also created art for Last Gasp comix, Comix 2000, as well as the magazines Real Stuff (Fantagraphics) Buzzard (Cat-head comics), Hustler, Screw and BLAB!
The artist will attend the opening from 8pm to 10pm.
Secret Headquarters will feature Mats!? one-of-a kind original works of art through April 30th, 2008.
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