This Week’s Must Read Comics

It was a great week for new books! Here are some of my personal favorites…

Prophet #21

Great sci-fi story, cannot wait to see where it goes. Don’t let the #21 keep you from checking it out; for all intents and purposes, it’s a #1.

Batman #5

Insane. A game-changing Batman story. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have been killin’ it on this title.

Daredevil #8

I love fun and sexy Daredevil! This issue picks up where Amazing Spider-Man #677 (drawn beautifully by Emma Rios) left off.

Ultimate Spider-Man #6

This series has been fantastic. I could not be more pleased with Miles Morales as the new Spidey.

Runners-up: Amazing Spider-Man, Moon Knight (with my favorite issue of the series so far), Catwoman, Chew.

Pretty big week for Marvel!


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7 Billion Needles

I am fairly new to the world manga. Besides the seriously incredible 20th Century Boys I haven’t read all that much; it’s a genre that I’m still learning about little by little.

So far, my method for picking a new series to read has been to literally judge a book by its cover and grab whatever looks cool off the shelf. Luckily, this lead me straight to 7 Billion Needles.

From the publisher:

Hikaru Takabe may not be the most social of teens. Always sporting her headphones, she gives off an aloof aura that rubs her classmates the wrong way. But her not being part of the crowd takes on a different dimension when she becomes involved in an intergalactic game of cat and mouse.

Inspired by Needle, the Golden Age hard sci-fi classic by the late Hal Clement, Nobuaki Tadano’s debut work brings a unique take on alien invasion up to date and into the maelstrom that is the Japanese high school girl.

7 Billion Needles is emotionally intelligent science fiction in a compact four volumes.

The art is both beautiful and, at times, grotesque (reminds me a lot of what Travel Foreman has been doing on DC’s Animal Man.) The story is fun, emotionally gripping, and totally bonkers. The series is definitely a good first step into manga if you’re a newbie like me, but I’m sure it would satisfy the most hardcore manga fan as well.


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Jason + Hellboy…

… two great tastes that taste great together!

“Hellboy… painted on a cigarette case.”

From Jason’s wonderful blog cats without dogs. I discovered the blog thanks to Fantagraphics’s “Jason Conquers America” one shot from last month. It’s got interviews with Jason, his colorist Hubert, some great Jason fan art, and more. Good stuff.


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Daredevil #10 Cover, Holy Mackerel!

The cover for the upcoming Daredevil #10 was released a little while ago, and it’s blowing. my. mind. Seriously, how good is Paolo Rivera? That guy.

Daredevil is easily one of the most fun and refreshing superhero comics to come out in a long time, and the art is a huge reason why. If you’re not reading this book, get on it.

Time lapse video of Rivera creating the cover:


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Secret Headquarters 2011 Gift Suggestions Part 4

Secret Headquarters
2011 Gift Suggestions Part 4

By Igloo Tornado
Everyone’s favorite fake cartoon punk rock couple, now in sticker form! 6 sticker designs per pack. Both badass and adorable.

Published by Nobrow
Beautiful all ages comic about little girl named Hildafolk, her deer-fox, and their adventure with a mysterious troll.

Published by Vertical
The perfect gift for wine lovers, or anyone who’d enjoy a fun, soap opera-y manga. This comic was a HUGE critical and commercial success overseas, and it’s finally available in English! Volume two is in stock now as well!

Published by Boom!
Great for Peanuts fans new and old, young and young-at-heart. A graphic novel adaptation of the latest Peanuts animated special.

Published by Fantagraphics
This brand new book collects 20 years of Tony Millionaire’s beautiful portrait work, everyone from Karl Marx to Ian Mackaye.

Wes Lang x SHQ Shirt
Our latest shirt, based on the painting “Whiter Shade of Pale” by Wes Lang. The design is a 12 color silkscreen printed on faded black, custom dyed, locally sourced blanks. Run limited to 120! Available both in the store and our online shop.

Made by Ebbets Field Flannels and modeled after vintage baseball caps, our fitted wool hats are black with a hand cut and sewn dark gold felt logo and green satin under the brim. They are 100% made in the USA and are, of course, exclusive to SHQ. Available both in the store and our online shop.

Published by IDW
GORGEOUS (seriously) over-sized slipcase hardcover, collecting “The Hunter” and “The Outfit”, along with 65 pages of additional content AND a brand new Darwyn Cooke Parker story! Get into it.

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