Holiday Hours 2018

Tuesday, December 18th – 11am – 630pm (Closing early for SHQ Crew holiday party!)
Monday, December 24th – 11am – 5pm
Tuesday, December 25th- CLOSED
Wednesday, December 26th – normal new comic book day, 11am – 9pm
Monday, December 31st – 11am – 5pm
Tuesday, January 1st – CLOSED

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2018 Holiday Gift Guide Part One – SHQ Staff Picks


Hello everyone! It’s that special time of year again, when we show our loved ones how much they mean to us by giving them the most precious gift of all – comics! Over the next several weeks, we’ll be sharing some of our very favorite things with you. We are sure you and your lucky gift-receivers will love them as much as we do.

2018 Holiday Gift Guide Part One – SHQ Staff Picks

Secret Headquarters
$6 each
The best of the best for any pop culture lover. You want ALL GOLDBLUM, ALL THE TIME? Nothin’ but Scully? To explore the voyeuristic world of celebrity breakups? Have your mind blown by the brothers-from-different-mothers Stan Lee (RIP) and Richard Petty? Well here you go, then. – Julie

Secret Headquarters
Fully freak out with Reginald Pean’s LSD brain-blasting zine homage to one of history’s coolest felines. – Chris

Image Comics
A wholly unique, beautifully illustrated, and super FUN culinary fantasy adventure story. Good for all ages. – Julie

Drawn & Quarterly
Holy moly I love this book so much. Hilarious, heartwarming, poignant… I want to go to there. Easily one of my favorites this year.- Julie

Drawn & Quarterly
Lisa Hanawalt’s wild imagination colors a tale full of crucially modern ideas, while tipping her hat to the classic Western archetype. It’s funny as all heck and of course, there are horses. – Chris

Breakdown Press
An updated edition of this extravagantly illustrated speculative classic, filled to the brim with bizarre, magnificent, and surprisingly believable animals that could inhabit a future Earth. – Malachi

Dark Horse
A beautiful new deluxe collection of one of the best horror comics in years. An inexplicable mix of the warm-hearted and the disturbing. – Malachi

Stay tuned for part two…

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Punk 2099 Art Show

December 7th, party of the century. Stay tuned for details.

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We are very excited to welcome Olivier Schrauwen to SHQ for the release of his new book, Parallel Lives! Come by for drinks and get your copy signed! Easier than having to fly to Europe to get it done.

About the new book:
From one of the world’s most celebrated cartoonists comes this unique collection of six wildly inventive short stories, each a surrealist tour de force that might collectively be dubbed “speculative memoir.” Schrauwen’s deadpan depictions of his and his progeny’s futures are presented with such brio and conviction that even the most jaded reader will ask himself: was the author really abducted by extraterrestrials? Is he actually able to dialogue with agents from the future? Does he truly receive coded messages in envelopes at breakfast? In spite of all rational perception, and in spite of the author’s obvious predilection for cartoon surrealism, Parallel Lives resonates as something more than simply the overheated imagination of an artist creating freely — it glows and hums and pulsates like a portal to another reality, and is the latest masterpiece in one of comics’ most distinctive bodies of work.

About Mr. Schrauwen:
Olivier Schrauwen (b. 1977, Belgium) studied animation at the Academy of Art in Gent and comics at the Saint Luc in Brussels. Schrauwen got his start in comics drawing for the Franco-Belgian magazine Spirou. Seeking more artistic freedom, he soon left the magazine and published his work in a variety of alternative small-press zines. He came out with his first graphic novel, My Boy, in 2006, and has since published three others: The Man Who Grew His Beard, Mowgli’s Mirror, and Arsène Schrauwen. Schrauwen’s work has also appeared in numerous comic anthologies including Fantagraphics Books’ Mome. He currently lives in Berlin.

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The Hidden Witch Halloween Party

The Hidden Witch Halloween Party
With Molly Knox Ostertag
Saturday, October 27th

Get into the Halloween spirit at our all ages release party for Molly Knox Ostertag‘s The Hidden Witch, the follow up to the wonderful book The Witch Boy. Join Molly and the SHQ crew for spooky drawing, candy, and costumes! Come dressed up in your Halloween best for a special treat.

Aster and his family are adjusting to his unconventional talent for witchery; unlike the other boys in his family, he isn’t a shapeshifter. He’s taking classes with his grandmother and helping to keep an eye on his great-uncle whose corrupted magic wreaked havoc on the family. Meanwhile, Aster’s friend from the non-magical part of town, Charlie, is having problems of her own – a curse has tried to attach itself to her. She runs to Aster and escapes it, but now the friends must find the source of the curse before more people – normal and magical alike – get hurt.

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