Final Incal Tarot Card Packs!

We were able to snag the very last of the Final Incal tarot card packs that Humanoids brought to SDCC! Art by Ladrönn. Available ONLY at Secret Headquarters and through our online shop! Ten cards per pack, 2.75” × 4.75”.


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The SHQ crew will be at San Diego Comic-Con Friday through Sunday. Say hi if you spot one of us in the wild.

If you can’t make it down to the convention yourself, make sure to stop by Secret Headquarters, Thank You, or Dungeon Dungeon next week to check out all of the great finds and new books we’ll be bringing back. Let us do the treasure hunting for you!


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These Charming X-Men: Art By Adam Villacin


Stop me if you think you’ve heard this one before, but The Smiths + the X-Men = match made in heaven (…knows I’m miserable now.)

Some shows are bigger than others, and this one is BIG. Join the SHQ crew and handsome devil Adam Villacin (Dead Wrestlers, Dream Team, many more) for a night celebrating Marvel’s most Morrisseyesque superheroes.

We will have closed edition prints for sale in the store and online only through the month of August, so make sure to take advantage before you want the one you can’t have.

*Sorry for the puns, I know that joke isn’t funny anymore.

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