This Week’s Must Reads + Fun Comics Events

I am trying very hard not to be too repetitive with these, but there are just some books that are SO GOOD that it’s hard not to showcase them every time they come out.

Avenging Spider-Man #4

What a fun book! Not many comics make me chuckle out loud, but Avenging Spider-Man has been great about that so far. This wrapped-up-in-one issue was a wee bit cheesy at the end, but I l am definitely a sucker for that.

Batman #6

“AAAHHHHARRRGSOCOOL!” – my brain, while reading the last two issues of Scott Snyder’s Batman run. If you are not reading this book yet… I don’t get it, why are you not reading this book yet? Don’t read superhero books? Don’t generally read DC? You were thinking about checking this one out but afraid it might be over-hyped for you now? Forget it. Just start reading.

Daredevil #9

Daredevil is another book that kills it every time and is, I would say, unmissable. It’s been hyped quite a bit but that’s because it is so. very. good. I’m a fan of the Moloids, and Paolo Rivera’s art makes them and their corpse-stealing king extra cool and creepy.

Runners Up: Glory #23, Wonder Woman #6, Amazing Spider-Man #697.1, Winter Soldier #2


The new Jason book, Athos In America, came out on Wednesday! It is completely wonderful. 6 brand new short stories in a beautiful hardcover.

There’s a lot of fun comics events coming up in the next few days.

Tonight: Our Li’l Depressed Boy volume 2 release party! There will be drinks, music, comics, and fun times. Begins at 7pm.

Tomorrow: LA Zine Fest Comix & Zine reading! “A curated collection of artists involved in the L.A. Zine Fest perform or display their works for a live audience! A mad blast of Comix, Zines, Video, and Performance brought to you by the creators themselves!!!!!” Begins at 8pm.

Sunday: LA Zine Fest! Free, 11am – 5pm. We will have a table there, so come by, say hi, and check out some of the incredible mini comics we will be debuting.

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