Killer Cuts & Killing Shapes by Ryohei Tanaka

Secret Headquarters presents

Killer Cuts
Killing Shapes
Ryohei Tanaka

Friends! It is my pleasure to announce the newest concept in gallery style showings. Its a new idea and we invented it! And just the other night too.
We thought the amazing art work of Ryohei Tanaka would be the perfect imagery to give this high concept a go. So, please join us for stunning new art show featuring the work of Ryohei Tanaka!

After much thought and discussion we decided to call this new gallery event

That’s right. For the first time ever on the face of the Earth you will be able to take home the art work you purchase at SHQ right there on the spot! No more waiting a few weeks for the show to end.

This is how it works:

1. Look at art work by Tanaka.

Tokyo-based visual artist Ryohei Tanaka has taken the simple art of folding a piece of paper and cutting it with scissors and ushered it into new realms of intricacy and imagination.

2. Let us know that you would like to purchase one of these fantastic pieces of art.

3. Almost there!

4. Now buy this artwork using cash or charge…

5. BAM! Take that sucker home. That day!
Right then and there!

See the art work HERE!

Ryohei Tanaka

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