Charlie Huston’s “Skinner” Book Release Party

We’ll let the Charlie himself tell you about this one…

As usual, there will be a modest (beer and whiskey) open bar at the release party, cash bar at the after party.
I’ll bartend at the release.
There will probably be a reading from the new book.
There will be the traditional trivia and prizes.

The afterparty!
AFTER PARTY TIME: After the release party, probably around 8-8:30pm.
1087 Manzanita St.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Very short walking distance from Secret Headquarters.

You have questions?
Yes, Charlie, I have questions.
Ask them.
Can I bring a friend?
Please, bring two. But the Headquarters is a modestly sized establishment and the booze usually runs out. Just letting you know.
Do I need to RSVP?
Please don’t. I don’t care if you come. No, wait, that sounded bad. I totally care if you come, I’d love to see you. But it’s no biggie if you can’t come and you should’t feel like you need to make a point of dropping me a line saying, “Hey, Charlie, I can’t come to the release party. Sorry, dude.”
7pm? That’s kind of early, don’t you think?
It’s a book release, not a rave. Also, it’s Saturday night and it’s not like we bought out 4100 for the night. An early start means an early after party means avoiding crowds of Saturday night amateur drinkers.
Wow, does that mean you think I’m a pro drinker?
Yes, yes it does.
Hey, I have a kid, can I bring my kid?
Yeah. Especially if you don’t mind your kid being around a bunch of boozing adults listing to a guy with a truly foul mouth reading from a super violent book. Me, I’m leaving my kid at home in the tub with some kibble.
Ya know, book releases aren’t my thing. Can I just come to the after party. Wait, I mean, I’m busy until 8pm. Can I just come to the after party?
Yes. I totally get that. Sometimes I’m busy when you have a thing.
Hey, I want the new book, will you be selling it?
No. But the Headquarters will be. They should have several copies on hand.

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