Angry Youth Comix Book Release

angry youth poster 2

Come join us while Johnny Ryan signs copies of his brand new collection, ANGRY YOUTH COMIX! Maybe he will sign one for you, though we cannot guarantee that your inscription be free of boobs, butts, dicks, poop, farts, swears, or other manner of hilarious and/or offensive material. But that’s kind of the point, duh.

“Angry Youth Comix follows the zany, infectious and hilarious bombardment of political incorrectness with your hosts Loady McGee, Sinus O’Gynus, Boobs Pooter and more. In an age when the comics’ medium is growing up and aspiring to more mature and hoity-toity literary heights, Ryan builds on the visceral tradition that cartooning has had on our collective funny bone for over a century. Now, for the first time, all fourteen issues of Ryan’s career-defining comic book series Angry Youth Comix (2000-2008) are collected in one place. All the comics, the covers, and even the contentious letters pages, in one toilet-ready brick shithouse.” – Fantagraphics

“The new Angry Youth Comix is finally out and it may be the darkest cartoon we’ve ever seen and also the most hilarious… It also features one of the most honest depictions of the American family dynamic to appear in print, though we can see that aspect maybe getting lost for some readers amid the turd-vines and the synthetic ejaculates.” –Vice

“Let me tell you something: In this increasingly cynical world of happily self-imposed isolation and sneering judgement, one graphicish novella, with pixie-like tickles, appears through the misty mist to take us all by the hand gently unto the night. You hold in your hand that very thing. Johnny Ryan’s Angry Youth Comix. Now go away.” –David Cross

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