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From The Back Room: Art Show

Ever wonder what we have squirreled away in the flat files? Now’s your chance to find out! We’ve bitten the bullet and decided to sell some of our art. Stop by SHQ to check out some of the great art that we’ve been hoarding and grab a piece for yourself!

A taste of what we have available…

photo 3
Zine HQ by Souther Salazar

R. Crumb Papercraft by Ryohei Tanaka

Untitled by Al Columbia

Vintage 1961 Courtroom Demonstration Poster by Unknown

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This Week’s Must Reads

Hello friends! What a great Wednesday; the comic deities have truly blessed us with a bountiful harvest of good ish.

All-New Ghost Rider #1
Holy cow, talk about an exciting character reboot! I love Felipe Smith’s manga series Peepo Choo and Tradd Moore’s work on the Luther Strode books, so this was a highly anticipated Marvel title for me. It did not disappoint! If you’re looking for a unique superhero title to add to your stack, this one’s for you.

Alex + Ada #5
I’ve been digging this sci fi series since the beginning, and it’s going in a really cool direction that I wouldn’t have expected. Strong title every issue, can’t wait to see what’s going to happen.

Deadly Class #3
Another surprising title from Image. Gorgeous art. On the surface, the premise seems like it’s been done before (school for assassins), but Rick Remender is looking at it in a really new, interesting way.

Silver Surfer #1
If you had asked me to put together an artist/writer dream team for one of my favorite, underutilized characters, this is the book you’d get. Galactic adventure with the greatest former Herald AND a delightful new character!

The Wake #7
I’ve been enjoying this second half of The Wake even more than the first. Horror story turned sci fi story. Sean Murphy’s art is even better than before, and the coloring is fantastic.

Runners-up: Walking Dead #124, Hawkeye #18, Midas Flesh #4, Sandman Overture #2, Superior Spider-Man #30.


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Secret Headquarters + Golden Saddle Cyclery

We got together with our buddies over at Golden Saddle Cyclery to make a limited edition patch! We love it, and we hope you do, too. Rep your favorite comic shop, bike shop, and neighborhood in one fell swoop. Available at the store and online.


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