Monster Tea Party

Holly Conrad wishes she had a space ship and a mage tower. She can’t have those, so instead she spends her time making monsters and playing video games. You may have seen her creatures and costumes on the floor at Comic-con, and now you can check out her creations right here at Secret Headquarters! Wooo!

Join us at the Monster Tea Party opening: Friday, May 20th at 8pm. Beverages will be on hand to keep the creatures subdued…

Come as a monster and get a prize!!! No kidding.

Monsters will be on display for a limited time. See them sooner then later.

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The Art of S. Britt

The Art of S. Britt

The Art of S.BRITT
Print Show
NOW on display @ Secret Headquarters
Prints were produced in a signed and numbered run of 3 per image.
Prints are available framed for $40 each.

A few key words taken from the bio of S.Britt:
door-to-door doormen
randy ghost
filthy little fingers
juvenile delinquents
abnormal child psychiatrists
school mascots
poor sap
starving artist
“Hot Cross Buns”
pretty lousy student
mundane curriculum
disgruntled teachers
burnt-out instructor
pep talk
Kathy Lee Gifford
freelance illustration

Prints will be on display at Secret Headquarters until we decide otherwise…
Do not be foolish punks, grab them while you can!

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The Art of Malachi Ward

The Art of Malachi Ward

Friends! It has been some time since our last opening event. How are you? Great. Nice to hear. As I was saying, please join us in viewing the amazing art work of Malachi Ward by attending his opening at Secret Headquarters this Friday March 4th. Don’t bother looking up Malachi Ward because all you’ll find about him is that he lives with his wife in a tiny apartment in Pasadena. Its not much to go on but trust us when we tell you that you will be giddy with excitement when viewing the walls of SHQ this Friday. Or it could just be the drinks. Oh, there will be drinks.

The Art of Malachi Ward
Opens Friday, March 4th, from 7 – 9pm

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Born Ugly with James Callahan & Mickael Broth

Brewed in the bars and backyard ramps of Richmond Virginia, Born Ugly Magazine is the voice and visual of the everyday skateboarder. With content focused on the lives of people that skateboard for the love of it, and not a paycheck, Born Ugly sets itself apart from the homogenized glut of skateboard mags currently saturating skate shop counters. Add to that layouts infused with illustration soaked in Masonite dust and beer sweat, and you’ve got Born Ugly.

James Callahan. Mickael Broth. Skateboarding. Comics. Toilet Humor. Drawings. Barf. Some other stuff that we are not aware of. Get into it. They will be at Secret Headquarters Friday August 6th starting at 7pm with the newest issue of BORN UGLY as well as a slew of drawings and paintings. Crack a beer with these east coast powerhouses.

There will be drinks. We hope that there will not be actual barf. Be sure to ask about karate chopping a toilet that has been set on fire…

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Paolo Rivera

Monday, July 26th, 2010

So, you know that Punisher Spider-Man story: Crime and Punisher? You know that sort of Punisher Skull type shirt SHQ made a small run of..? This is the guy. Paolo Rivera. He is also the guy that painted all of those Marvel Mythos stories. The same guy that is working on the new Amazing Spider-Man: One Moment In Time story arc. That guy, Paolo, is going to be at Secret Headquarters tomorrow night. He’ll be standing around for a little while some come on down. If you ever wanted to meet the valedictorian of the Mainland High School class of 1999, here is your chance!


The Self-Absorbing Man

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