“Supers” by Timothy Garrett @ SHQ


@ Secret Headquarters
Friday, September 9th beginning at 7pm

The Secret Headquarters presents “SUPERS”, a typographic exploration into the world of the comic. Graphic illustrator Timothy Garrett has re-imagined and reinvented classic comic book logos in his own colorful and innovative style. There will be art for sale, as well as incredibly cool shirts with matching canvas bags.

Come join Tim and the SHQ gang for a drink to celebrate the opening!

Check out more of Tim’s artwork at http://www.timothygarrett.com/.

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Forming Book Release Party @ Secret Headquarters


@ Secret Headquarters
Friday, August 5th beginning at 7pm
Come join Jesse Moynihan and the SHQ crew to celebrate the release of the beautiful new graphic novel “Forming”. There will be booze, fun, and reflective conversation about life, the universe, and everything (if you’d like.)
A quick synopsis of Jesse’s new book:
“Since the dawn of human history, we as a species have sought to understand our existence through creationist fables of omnipotent deities, mythical creatures, and speculation of what—or who—may lie beyond the stars. In Forming Vol. 1, Jesse Moynihan takes these 50,000 years of socio-religious postulation and throws them in the blender to create one epic—and irreverent—battle royal between alien gods, Ancient Greek Titans, interplanetary assassin droids, and humanity itself.
An eon-spanning comedy, Forming details the spawning of worlds, and the trajectory of consciousness on Earth. The first in a trilogy of books, Nobrow is proud to collect the first volume of Jesse Moynihan’s acclaimed webcomic in a specially-designed graphic novel format truly worthy of its contents.”

For more info, visit http://jessemoynihan.com/ or http://www.nobrow.net.

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Jeffrey Brown Art Show


@ Secret Headquarters
Friday, July 29th from 7- 9pm
We are very excited to announce our next art show with the one and only Jeffrey Brown! Jeff will be here at SHQ with some awesome zombified Beatles art for sale. We’ll also have packs filled with sketches, notes, storyboards, and other bits and pieces of Jeff’s art process.

The show will be up until the end of August, but make sure to join us Friday, July 29th for our opening night. There will be much drinking and rabble-rousing (and drinking.) See you there!

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Tom Neely’s “The Wolf” Release Party


@ Secret Headquarters
Friday, July 8th from 8pm – 10pm
Join us this Friday to celebrate the release of Tom Neely’s beautiful new painted novel, “The Wolf”!

A synopsis of the book:

The Wolf is a new graphic novel by Los Angeles-based painter-cartoonist Tom Neely. The book tells a simple love story, but one woven with surrealist horror, werewolf lore and its own brand of nightmare logic. With The Wolf, Neely progresses from the traditional cartooning style he showed off in his previous books, The Blot and Brilliantly Ham-Fisted, to a form that blends comics-style storytelling with a fine arts approach to imagery. The ultimate effect is equal parts touching and chilling.

Check out a preview for Part One of the book here!

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Gene Yang & Thien Pham Signing


@ Secret Headquarters
Friday, June 17th from 7pm – 9pm

Join us in celebrating the release of “American Born Chinese” writer Gene Yang and artist Thien Pham’s new graphic novel, “Level Up”. Stop by this Friday to have a drink and get your book signed!

A rundown of the new book:

“Smackdown! Video Games vs. Medical School!

Which will win the battle for our hero’s attention in Gene Luen Yang’s new graphic novel?
Dennis Ouyang lives in the shadow of his parents’ high expectations. They want him to go to med school and become a doctor. Dennis just wants to play video games—and he might actually be good enough to do it professionally. But four adorable, bossy, and occasionally terrifying angels arrive just in time to lead Dennis back onto the straight and narrow: the path to gastroenterology. It’s all part of the plan, they tell him. But is it?

This powerful piece of magical realism brings into sharp relief the conflict many teens face between pursuing their dreams and living their parents’. Partnered with the deceptively simple, cute art of newcomer Thien Pham, Gene Yang has returned to the subject he revolutionized with American Born Chinese. Whimsical and serious by turns, Level Up is a new look at the tale that Yang has made his own: coming of age as an Asian American.”

Read an excerpt of the new book here. See you on Friday!

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